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Clan Stewart Society In America Inc.®
Mo chardean choir.....Fáilte
(My dear friends.....Welcome)

We are glad you stopped by!  If you are a Stewart/Stuart living in the US or Canada, you've come to the right place.  We welcome all to join with us on our journey to discover our inner Stewart, whether you spell your name with a "w" or "u". Also, if you belong to a sept of the family or simply have an interest in the family of Scottish and British Kings, we invite you to join with us.

Through your association with Clan Stewart Society in America, you have access to our Stewart geneology program and database. You can learn more about Stewart and Scottish history in our member newsletter Fesse Chequy. Perhaps the most important CSSA perk is to learn and share information with your fellow CSSA members at over 60 Highland games throughout North America. If there is no Stewart representation at your nearby Highland festival, we can teach you how to become a CSSA convener.

If you are a current member, simply click on "Member Services" above for the Stewart store or any of the available areas with the password we will supply.

If you are interested in joining the Clan Stewart Society in America or learning more about us, please feel free to browse. Be sure to click on "Regional Events" to find your state and the Commissioners and local Conveners for their contact information. They will be happy to answer any questions specific to your area. If your state has a vacancy, feel free to contact the Regional High Commissioner. When you are ready, simply go to "Member Services" and click on "Join Us".

Yours Aye!


Clan Stewart Society in America Inc.